Conservatives fear liberty for all

Reason‘s Nick Gillespie considers whether disaffected conservatives will be able to find a home with the LP.

I agree, Conservatives have a lot of trouble saying hello to libertarianism… but this isn’t anything new.

To Gillespie’s point, the socially tolerant component of the libertarian view is a stumbling block for many social conservatives. Unfortunately, Gary Johnson in his repeat refrain (fiscally conservative and socially liberal) is reinforcing what really is a misconception, there are almost as many socially conservative libertarians (I am one), we just agree with the socially liberal libertarians that force is not an acceptable means of promoting our views or achieving our political goals. That is, we are socially tolerant.

Issues like pro-life/pro-choice, LGBTQ acceptance in general, radical drug decriminalization (i.e. more than pot) etc… are going to scare away many social conservatives. There in lies the problem – poor logic on the part of the electorate.

To right-wingers, Gary Johnson’s embrace of “social liberalism” negates his pledge to “sign off on any reduction in the federal government.”
Just a reminder to the saints, the goal is hearts, not ground.

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